Month: June 2022



Socrates was born in Athens in 470 BC and died 399 BC he died because he was poisoned by drinking hemlock. Socrates was a Greek philosopher, he was famous for contributing to the development of ancient Greek philosophy.
One of Socrates quotes:
‘The more I learn the less I realize I know’
This means how much I learn, I realize how much I still have to learn.

‘Falling down is not a failure, failure comes when you stay where you have fallen’
This means when you fall down and you get up again it doesn’t mean you are a failure but when you stay in the spot where you have fallen and don’t try to get up and make changes you are a failure.

High Diving Giraffe

As my friends and I walked through the infinite stretch of white shiny tiles I see Pumpa and his friends Nikita, Ellma and Lupe marching through the hallways singing with excitement.

They began sprinting across the diving board. I hear their hooves clip clopping and the air running past me. It was now my turn. I am nervous feeling butterflies in my stomach. I run past my friends and I see Desiree dangling on a rope in front of me hanging from the ceiling. I am excited and nervous at the same time ready to jump.

I dived into the water with a huge splash. It was humongous. In the water I heard bubbles, bubbling inside my ears. It was so satisfying. Swimming over the white shiny tiles I am struggling to get to the end of the pool. I have never swum this far before. I am running out of breath. Walking out of the pool my legs feel tired. We all line up and walk in ordered separation to the edge of the pool. In unison we all bow down to drink from the pool.

After finishing our drink, we head back to the hallways to get ready for the second round. I am walking by myself looking for my friends. I look up and see they have already started without me. Suddenly, it was my turn to dive again.