Boy on the Tree.

You will never believe this, as I was walking past my favorite place, I saw an enormous cloud of smoke coming from my neighbors house. I sprinted as quickly as I could with a worried expression on my face. I am shocked!!! “I can’t believe this!” I said to myself, as I quickly climbed down from the tree. I heard children screaming at the top of their lungs yelling for help, I sprinted again even though it was hard to breathe, as I was sprinting I saw a mysterious person with  fuel and a lighter in their hands, holding it tightly. I continued sprinting for help looking  at their poor houses turning to dust.

Boy on a bike Reading.

This story is about a boy on a bike traveling around with his father raising some money so that St John could buy more ambulances, this list is what Mac researched on his trip so he would know how much money it will costs them to travel, which road they will be heading and where would they stay for the night, we wrote down what Mac researched and why it was important.